A Journey.

Sydney to Byron Bay.

If anyone had told me I would be living out of an old car and travelling the East Coast with a boy, I would have probably laughed in your face until I turned blue.

Well, travelling the East Coast was obviously on my to do list, it’s the other two points I would never have imagined. Now I’m not complaining, not one bit. I mean, given the option now, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Ben and I decided we both wanted a change from Sydney life so we started looking at our options. The idea was to do our farm work but that didn’t go to plan so we decided to embark on an adventure up the East Coast ending in Cairns where we’ll meet Bens friend before we look into farm life again.

Luckily enough a guy in our hostel was selling his car as he was making his way back home, so Ben got involved – apparently my taste in cars was too expensive for backpackers – I didn’t actually see the car until about 20 minutes before we left (added to the excitement of it all). I can’t say I fell in love with it, but I couldn’t complain. It’s equipped with all we need and it works. That’s all that matters.

We left Sydney on Monday 29th May at about 3pm, much to Bens dismay – I just couldn’t bring myself to say the goodbyes to my Sydney family. I then slept the majority of the 5 hour journey to our first stop Port Macquarie. We didn’t really know what to expect here, we just didn’t want to drive too far on our first day (I say we, I didn’t do any driving). We found a little spot to park up on the beach front and spent the night. Falling asleep to the waves breaking has got to be one of the most peaceful things and waking up to the sun shining through the front window was enough to start the day off right. We didn’t stay here long, just got some food and then set off to our next destination.


Port Macquarie

Another 5 hours and we reached Nimbin. All I can say is the drive into the town was terrifying, pitch black country roads that seemed to never end. I can’t say I was looking forward to this stop off in the slightest. We had been told it was quite an odd place and on the way in we started to wonder what was meant by ‘odd’ but once we arrived it all made sense. When I say odd, I mean it with no negative connotations – it was bohemian heaven, fairy lights illuminating shop fronts, UV paint adding patterns of colour. I was very pleasantly surprised, it was enough to make anyone smile. As it was dark by the time we’d arrived there wasn’t much to see so we waited until morning to have a look around. We walked into the town for breakfast and had a browse, there’s not much to see as it’s literally just one street of shops but there is so many little details that any little hippy at heart would appreciate (i.e. ME). So much positivity expressed through everything.

Next stop Byron Bay. I was allowed to drive this time, I think because it was only an hour and a half away.. As soon as we arrived I had fallen in love. This place could not be more perfect for the two of us, the most free spirited town I’ve ever come across (other than Nimbin but I think that was due to the locals excessive smoking of marijuana). We found a place to set up camp and then walked into the main part of town, bikinis at the ready, and enjoyed the last bit of sun on the beach. Being in the sea whilst the sun was setting over the mountains has got to be one of the most breath taking things I have ever experienced and romantic. It’s probably the only romantic thing I’ve ever experienced.. with the best guy. Feeeeeeling blessed. In the evening we had the yummiest dinner at a gorgeous shabby chic restaurant just next to the beach and then went back to our humble abode.

Thursday was a very lazy day. We just hung about at the camp site and made breakfast and then went into town late afternoon. I was able to get a picture of the sun setting this time – no words!

Friday was a little more productive, we got up earlyish and made breakfast before heading to the beach early afternoon. As we walked up to water we were lucky enough to witness a group of dolphins swimming in the shallows. So so beautiful. We spent the afternoon in the sea, trying to ‘ride the waves’ – this resulted in Ben nearly breaking my jaw and me drowning numerous times but there was lots of laughing nonetheless. We then went for dinner in one of the best rated restaurants of Byron Bay ‘Earth n Sea’ (http://www.pizzabyronbay.com.au/) HIGHLY recommend if you ever visit – was deeeevine. The manager was Irish but had spent 18 years in Colchester living on the same road that Ben lived on – small world.

Saturday brings us to right now. We woke up early, drove into town and had the most delicious breakfast – healthy too may I add. Of course we couldn’t leave Byron without seeing the lighthouse so that was our last stop. The views were just spectacular, there’s something so mesmerising about watching the waves and looking out into the ocean that will never fail to amaze me.

This planet we live on is utterly beautiful and I’m so excited to be exploring it one bit at a time.

We have just arrived in Gold Coast, I’ll be sure to update you in a couple of days.