A Journey.

Good things.

Adventures. New places. Old places. New faces. Old faces. New friendships. Deep conversations. Getting to know someone new. Questions. Laughter. Sunsets. Sunrises. The smell of the sea. Sand between your toes. Waves. Laying under the stars. Flowers. Wildlife. Nature. Ideas that come to you in the shower. Ideas that excite you. People who get you. Road trips. Sunglasses. Hot days. Rainy days. The smell of freshly cut grass. Clean sheets. Scented candles. Hair cuts. New shoes. New clothes. Old clothes. Photographs. Black clothes. Conversations at 3am. Morning kisses. Showers. Baths. Conversations with someone you’ve known forever – reminiscing. Family. Friends. Love. Water. Juice. Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Sun kissed skin. Freckles. Trees. Sweeties. Music. Dancing like no ones watching. Movies. Being inspired. Learning new things. Wooden floors. Fairy lights. Art. Museums. Looking out into the ocean and realising anything is possible. Clear blue skies. Knowing that everything is going to be ok. Crying – it’s not always bad. Being honest. The feeling when you realise you had nothing to worry about and your chest becomes a little lighter. Hugs with a little squeeze. Sun shining through the windows. Opening the curtains on a sunny day. Boat rides. Bbqs. Family days. This right now.