A Journey.

A Quick Update.

So, we’ve been in Cairns for nearly a week now, I’m very behind!

I don’t really know what to update, its been a weird week – very chilled. Nothing particularly exciting has happened. There’s not tonnes to do in Cairns, we’ve kind of explored but that’s just involved a lot of eating and some chilling at the lagoon, which by the way is gorgeous.

Sydney took its toll on my body – too much drinking and partying – so it’s been nice to be away from that side of things. However I do feel like people think I am worlds most boring human here, there’s only so many times you can sneak off to bed without people thinking you’re a party pooper. Those who know me, know that I’m actually the complete opposite, I guess I just haven’t felt up to it recently.

I came to Australia because I needed a change, I needed to ‘find myself’ and that in itself is a weird journey to go on. I have always been very free-spirited and independent but I’ve always had the support of my family to go back to when I’ve needed it. The first three months of my time here I was a lone wolf, I had my new pals but essentially I was on my own, I made it work – I loved it. As Ben and I have got closer, I guess I’ve had more of a sense of home – I have that security again (if I need it). In a weird way, because of this, the last few weeks have been hard for me, I’m missing home more than ever.  I’ve never had to really make friends, obviously I have friends, but my siblings and cousins are my best friends which makes being away from them even harder. And plus, at home I have 5 mums I can go cry to if I need to, but here I’ve not and that’s been a big thing for me to over come.

Don’t get me wrong, I have Ben and he’s been amazing with my (sometimes) bratty behaviour – but at the same time – he probably misses home too and is travelling himself so I don’t want to put too much pressure on him. If I really really need to, I will have a little break down to him but I don’t want to rely on him, I want to rely on me so I can grow. I think I’m doing a pretty good job.

Aside to all this, there’s not one part of me that wants to go home. I’m having the best time and I’m so excited for our adventures ahead. Our main focus now is to find farm work and to start ASAP, it’s proving difficult but at the same time I love the uncertainty, it makes life a little less boring. We’re just taking every day as it comes and making memories as we go.



A Journey.

Good things.

Adventures. New places. Old places. New faces. Old faces. New friendships. Deep conversations. Getting to know someone new. Questions. Laughter. Sunsets. Sunrises. The smell of the sea. Sand between your toes. Waves. Laying under the stars. Flowers. Wildlife. Nature. Ideas that come to you in the shower. Ideas that excite you. People who get you. Road trips. Sunglasses. Hot days. Rainy days. The smell of freshly cut grass. Clean sheets. Scented candles. Hair cuts. New shoes. New clothes. Old clothes. Photographs. Black clothes. Conversations at 3am. Morning kisses. Showers. Baths. Conversations with someone you’ve known forever – reminiscing. Family. Friends. Love. Water. Juice. Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Sun kissed skin. Freckles. Trees. Sweeties. Music. Dancing like no ones watching. Movies. Being inspired. Learning new things. Wooden floors. Fairy lights. Art. Museums. Looking out into the ocean and realising anything is possible. Clear blue skies. Knowing that everything is going to be ok. Crying – it’s not always bad. Being honest. The feeling when you realise you had nothing to worry about and your chest becomes a little lighter. Hugs with a little squeeze. Sun shining through the windows. Opening the curtains on a sunny day. Boat rides. Bbqs. Family days. This right now.